Vampire Lord of the True-Blood Vampire Clan, former boss and ruler of Morata, he is defeated and domesticated by Weed. He is later earned (as in the necklace that summons him) by Seoyoon, but she eventually trades him for a rabbit, to Weed, and his trials and tribulations continue.

Personality Edit

Tori has a very proud personality, considering himself a noble and being haughty over the fact he has eternal life. It is also shown he has a taste for young girls having petrified a little girl from Morata just so he could stare at her beauty all day.

History Edit

Originally one of the vampire lords of the land of vampires, Todeum, he chose to become a servant of Bar Khan and followed him until his defeat, after which he moved to the north and took over Morata.


First encountered in the fortress of Morata in the quest to retrieve the crown of Fargo, where he had petrified a little girl in order to stare at her beauty forever. He is defeated by Weed and the Paladins and Priests of the Church of Freya. Later on becomes a summon for Weed.